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The Pool of Pools

The "Pool of Pools" (POP), is a new agreement between the three major pools in LA/LB. DCLP, TPSP and FLBP have developed a usage agreement between the pools to create chassis interoperability encompassing a combined fleet of approximately 80,000 chassis with an expanded set of 16 common start/stop locations covering the major Marine and Rail Facilities in the port complex.

Under the "Pool of Pools" operation, any chassis in the combined fleet can be utilized by any party who is an authorized user in one or more of the aforementioned pools. A chassis in the combined fleet can be utilized or dropped at any location named in the expanded set of stop/start locations, This "gray fleet" will increase overall efficiency and availability while eliminating chassis splits.

  • Mission - Success through interoperability
  • Vision - Increase efficiency and decrease congestion
  • Pool Operators - DCLI - Flexi-Van - TRAC Intermodal


Current Updates

The Pool of Pools website’s has recently been updated. The Reports menu now included a dashboard for Terminal Dwell, Street Dwell and the OOS Ratio. Please see below for that change.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Chassis Pools

Learn About the Pool of Pools Operators

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Direct Chassis Link Pool

DCLI is an operating chassis leasing company. DCLI provides chassis to Marine Terminal Operators (MTO), Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC), Motor Carriers, Steam Ship Lines (SSL), and Beneficial Cargo Owners (BCO) throughout the United States with 160 locations on or near key port facilities and other intermodal hubs. DCLI has grown from 64,000 to approximately 130,000 owned and managed chassis in the past two years. The company has developed unique partnerships with terminal operators, and motor carrier organizations, and previously managed one of the nation's largest chassis pools, the Grand Alliance Chassis Pool (GACP), with 36,000 chassis operating on 9 terminals, supporting the G6, Hanjin and Hamburg-Sud in LA and Long Beach.

Flexi-Van Los Angeles Basin Pool

Fully engaged in the realignment of the US chassis supply model, Flexi-Van ® understands that the products and services we offer must meet the needs of our current customer base as well as the new equipment stakeholders, including Motor Carriers, Logistics Providers, Facility Operators and Beneficial Cargo Owners. We have expanded our services, products and contracts accordingly, and we are fully committed to continual enhancements to better serve these markets.

Flexi-Van ® chassis supply options include;

  1. Short and Long Term Leasing
  2. Pool User Agreements
  3. Daily Rentals (Flexi Day ®)
  4. Dedicated Fleet Management

TRAC Pacific Southwest Pool

TRAC Intermodal is North America’s leading intermodal equipment provider and chassis pool manager serving domestic and international shippers. The company's operations include long-term leasing and short-term rentals of the approximately 272,000 chassis in our fleet. We also provide pool/fleet management services and are a leader in providing chassis solutions to the intermodal industry that are designed to increase supply chain efficiency, control costs and promote safety.

Key Reports

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Terminal Dwell

4 Days
0-2 Days = Green
3-4 Days = Yellow
5+ Days = Red

Street Dwell

4 Days
1-3 Days = Green
4-6 Days = Yellow
7+ Days = Red

OOS Ratio

0-5% = Green
6-10% = Yellow
11+ = Red

On-Terminal Inventory

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Terminal Inventory and Activity Summary

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Out Of Service

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Start/Stop Locations

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On-Street Usage

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