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The Pool of Pools is aware of the recent decision by the Federal Maritime Commission in IMCC vs OCEMA involving certain chassis rules imposed by ocean carriers. While potential alternative billing mechanisms and/or pool structures continue to be explored, any motor carrier choosing to use chassis from the Pool of Pools will continue to be billed under the Pool of Pools’ existing rules.

In addition to the existing Pool of Pools start-stop network offering interoperability, DCLI, FlexiVan and TRAC, as operators of the Pool of Pools, are pleased to highlight their additional chassis choice options for motor carriers at their separate, independent depots in the LA/LB port complex.  Customers that desire to work with one of the Pool of Pools IEPs for their chassis needs may contact the IEP directly at:

The Pool of Pools

The "Pool of Pools" (POP) is a multi-pool agreement between the three major proprietary marine container chassis pools operating in the San Pedro Basin port complex. DCLP, TPSP and FLBP developed this agreement in response to port stakeholder desires to create greater chassis fluidity across the port complex, which is by far the largest in the United States. The POP structure delivers streamlined operations while retaining the benefits of proprietary pools, including robust competition, asset owner oversight of maintenance and repair, and service that can be tailored directly to customer needs.

The POP encompasses a combined fleet of over 34,000 marine container chassis with mutual start/stop locations covering eleven (11) major marine terminals and four (4) major rail facilities, through which the vast majority of container cargo is transported into or out of Southern California. Following initial development and the completion of a business review letter process with the United States Department of Justice, the POP began operations in March 2015, and has now been operating successfully for over nine (9) years.

Within POP operations, any chassis contributed to the DCLP, TPSP or FLBP fleet can be utilized by authorized users in all of the participating pools. POP chassis may be interchanged out or returned to any of the fifteen (15) start/stop locations. For example, a chassis interchanged at a marine terminal in Long Beach may be returned to a rail ramp in Los Angeles. Prior to the POP, chassis in different pools were segregated at facilities for use only by certain user bases, and returnable only to a portion of the facilities otherwise available to receive chassis.

The POP also provides a unique and unprecedented amount of publicly-available and regularly-updated data regarding aggregate chassis availability, usage and related metrics for the POP fleet. Please consult the "Reports" section of this website for more details.

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Chassis Pools

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Direct Chassis Link Pool

DCLI is the largest provider of marine and domestic container chassis to the U.S. intermodal industry. Since 2009, when the company pioneered the exit of ocean carriers from the chassis business, it has generated consistent growth through expansion, acquisition, and innovation. Today, DCLI serves motor carriers, ocean carriers, beneficial cargo owners, and domestic shippers. With over 450 locations on or near key port facilities and intermodal hubs throughout the U.S., the company now owns, leases, and manages over 154,000 marine chassis and 90,000 domestic chassis. DCLI is majority-owned by Apollo, a leading global alternative investment manager with assets under management of approximately $455 billion as of December 2020.

FlexiVan Los Angeles Basin Pool

Fully engaged in the realignment of the US chassis supply model, FlexiVan ® understands that the products and services we offer must meet the needs of our current customer base as well as the new equipment stakeholders, including Motor Carriers, Logistics Providers, Facility Operators and Beneficial Cargo Owners. We have expanded our services, products and contracts accordingly, and we are fully committed to continual enhancements to better serve these markets.

FlexiVan ® chassis supply options include;

  1. Short and Long Term Leasing
  2. Pool User Agreements
  3. Daily Rentals (Flexi Day ®)
  4. Dedicated Fleet Management

TRAC Pacific Southwest Pool

TRAC Intermodal ( is North America’s leading marine chassis pool manager and equipment provider, with 11 pools under management across the U.S. TRAC has the largest fleet of marine and specialty chassis in North America and operates an extensive network of facilities. TRAC’s subsidiaries offer expert nationwide tire and parts supply through TRAC Tire Services, emergency fleet roadside assistance through FYX, and maintenance and repair services and other depot solutions through TRAC Services.

Key Reports

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20 ft.

40/45 ft.

Terminal Dwell

20 ft.

40/45 ft.

4.8 Days
0-2 Days = Green
3-4 Days = Yellow
5+ Days = Red

Street Dwell

20 ft.

40/45 ft.

4.0 Days
6.2 Days
1-3 Days = Green
4-6 Days = Yellow
7+ Days = Red

OOS Ratio

20 ft.

40/45 ft.

0-5% = Green
6-10% = Yellow
11+ = Red

On-Terminal Inventory

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Terminal Inventory and Activity Summary

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Out Of Service

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On-Street Usage

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Monthly Chassis Dislocation

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